Financial Modelling Services

Financial Modelling Services

We help your company to make efficient investment decisions

Nowadays firms are confronted generally with a large flow of information. It is essential for our Clients to understand the potential upside and downside impact of internal (operational) and external factors (macro) on the business, net profit, and free cash flows, since very often such factors are subject to high uncertainty.

Whether you are looking to evaluate an existing or new business, a project, raise funds, or just plan any future business development, you're going to need a reliable and flexible financial model. It is a crucial tool that will assist you in taking the right business decision.
A good model is flexible, consistent, robust and incorporates the complexity of the business environment or the project under evaluation, in a transparent way.
Each model we produce is developed from scratch using proven methodologies and is customized to meet Client’s needs. It allows our Clients to better understand risks, evaluate feasibility of projects or run different scenarios under different business assumptions.
All models are prepared in Excel formats and are user friendly so that our Clients can run autonomously their own scenarios.

Our solutions

- Project finance
- Corporate deals
- Company Valuation
- Venture Capital transactions
- Buyout transactions